Just like any other device, the brother printer may also raise a minor issue. The most common and innocent one is the offline problem. If you are facing this problem, then your printer is working fine but it is appearing offline or at sleep mode on your screen. This problem is bound to reflect even if the printer is connected to a network. 

This complication may sound innocent but can stack up a prime task or job. If you are wanting to print out an urgent document for the presentation with a deadline or for a school project and your printer has given up on you on the nick of time by going to sleep mode, stick up to the following steps.

Is your brother printer offline? Check out the following for the rescue:

SOLUTION 1: Verification of the printer status:

  • When we are in a hurry, we tend to panic and forget about the most basic step. Stop with the anxiety and check if your device is connected to all the necessary cables.
printer-connected-via-USB-brother printer offline
  • If all is well with the cables, then check if the printer is on the sleep mode. The device may go to the sleep mode if left unused for a long time. 
Brother-printer-sleep-mode-brother printer offline
  • If both these factors are not reflecting even on your brother printer offline appears then check on the screen for any kind of error messages like a paper jam or Ink toner empty. In the case of the aforementioned situation, troubleshoot the issue and turn the printer back on if your brother printer is offline. 
paper-jam-or-Ink-toner-empty-brother printer offline

SOLUTION 2: Ensure the connection for the brother printer offline fix

  • Sometimes when we use the USB cable to connect a printer to the computer, there are chances of losing connection or broken wire and more. If so, remove the cable and reconnect a new or sound cable back. Move to the next step if the issue perseveres and your brother printer still appears offline.
  • Some of us use the Ethernet cable to connect the printer. If you are one of them then make sure that the cable is fastened to the router or access point and the printer both. You can print the configuration page of the printer if the IP address of the printer is required. 
Printer-Connect-with-Ethernet-brother printer offline
  • You need to utilise the network configuration page for the verification of the IP address in case you are using the wireless connection. 

SOLUTION 3: Ensure that the printer is set as Default

  • When there are multiple printers connected, there are chances that you are not aware of the printer connections. It is important that your printer is marked as the default printer. To ensure so, you need to go to the printers folder and make sure that the checkbox of the Brother printer is selected. 
SET-AS-Default-Printer-Brother printer offline

SOLUTION 4: For brother printer offline windows 10

  • If your brother printer offline on windows 10 then press Windows and R together on the keyboard. This will help you open the run command and open the control panel. 
  • After that click on Hardware and sound. 
  • Choose devices and printers.
  • Make certain that the checkbox in front of brother printer is selected

SOLUTION 5: Take away all the print jobs for the time being

  • On giving multi print commands to the system, it may rise up with such issues. To resolve this,   on the icon of the brother printer. Select ‘see what’s printing’ and end up by choosing “ Cancel all documents”.
  • Sometimes during this step, the “Cancel all documents” are all greyed out. In such a case, select “Open as administrator”
  • After this, type the administrator password and tap on “yes”. 
  • The aforementioned step will help you select “Cancel all documents”. 

Solution 6: Disabling SNMP Settings

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol used by the Brother printer for the operations that is similar to the other printers. It is basically used for additional functions and more security which sometimes may not go as expected and create certain issues in the functioning. 

  • Firstly open the control panel. Click on “Devices and printers”. Select on Propertied after locating the brother printer. 
  • After reaching the settings, go for the ports and choose Configure ports
  • Lastly, uncheck the checkbox of SNMP 
uncheck-the-checkbox-of-SNMP-Brother printer offline

SOLUTION 7: Check the status of the printer

If your brother printer is not working, you need to check its status. If the status appears offline, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select “See what’s printing” by right-clicking on the icon if the brother printer and then go for the printer and use printer.
  • In case the status is paused, you just need to right-click on the brother printer’s icon and select “see what’s printing” and end up by selecting “Pause printing”


There are chances that there is a copy of Brother printer listed having the same name in Devices and Printers. This must-have happened when you:

  • Switched the USB port on the system to which the Brother printer was connected.
  • Installed the same printer more than once.

If there is a duplicity of more than one printer connected to one device or printers, it will not result in a smooth operation. After you have diagnosed which one of them is running at its best, you need to connect it to the system. For any kind of assistance, reach the Printerrepairnearme.com tech team for professional support and solution. 

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