If you are using a Brother printer then you have your hands on one of the best brands. The brother printers are famous for optimum usage and long life. But just like any other printer or device, there are certain issues raised every now and then. 

The most common issue reported by the brother printer reported is that the printer occasionally sends a message of “Brother printer paper jam” even when there is no paper in the printer. This is no major complication though, but if ignored and not fixed within the stipulated time, it can cause a major problem in the long run. There is nothing to worry about because there are a lot of solutions that can be considered before calling in a technician. 

Solution No. 1: At times the paper tray filled to the edge and the gap is not maintained because of which the paper gets stuck in the printer. To resolve this issue follow the steps mentioned below.

Clear jammed tray if the printer says “ Brother paper jam error” but no paper jam is there:

  • Detach the printer cable 
  • Turn off the printer
  • Take the paper tray out
  • Remove the stuck paper 
  • Place it back properly 
  • Now print as usual

Solution No. 2: When the paper tray of the printer is cluttered itself, then this issue will arise until it is cleaned thoroughly. 

Clean the paper tray:

  • Press the power switch to turn on the printer
  • Detach the power cable of the printer
  • Look for the input tray now
  • To eliminate the paper jam, pull out the input tray
  • Check the tray thoroughly and see if there is any paper
  • If there is any piece of paper, remove it
  • Now connect the printer to the cable and use as usual 

Solution No. 3: The printer sometimes is not set properly which is a very innocent complication but may raise this issue. To fix this problem you can go through the following steps:

Reset the printer:

  • Turn on the printer 
  • Remove the power cable of the printer
  • Now disconnect the cable 
  • Wait for a minute or two
  • Plug back the wire now into the socket
  • Reconnect the printer with the wire cord
  • Turn on the printer again
  • Check if the problem is solved

Solution No. 4 : The printer rollers play a vital role. It is important that these rollers are clean too for efficient printing without wasting any time or paper. 

Clean the printer roller:

  • Clear the paper tray by removing all the papers from the printer
  • Press the down arrow to choose settings
  • Now press “Ok”
  • Select “Clean paper feed”
  • Press “Ok”
  • Make sure the printer stops entirely before continuing the work 

Solution No. 5: Certain Brother printers will come with the instructions of using a particular type of paper. In the case of the paper type used is different, the printer will show such complications. 

Check the paper type:

  • Look for the manual of the printer
  • Locate the paper type mentioned to be used
  • Now open the paper tray of the printer
  • See if the paper type matches to the mentioned paper type
  • If not then change the paper you are using for printing

In case, the above-mentioned solutions were not a help to you, you can get in touch with a technician who is well-versed with the printer repair knowledge. Keep in mind to get in touch with experts only and stay away from the handyman. 

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