Dell Printer Paper tray-How To Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error


Often due to mishandling and vigorous use of the machines or devices, they get malfunctioned or brake down. But if the printer you are using is constantly showing a message of paper jam but there is no paper in the printer, then there can be many reasons behind this. Just like any other printer the Dell printer can also come up with this issue. If your Dell printer paper jam error is bothering you a lot and your work had been held because of it then you can try the below-mentioned solutions for the rescue. 

Simple Steps To Fix – Dell Printer Says Paper Jam There Is No Paper

Solution No.1 – Clean the paper tray:

Sometimes, because of a shabby paper tray situation, the printer may reflect this problem. To get rid of it in a jiffy, you simply need to clean the paper tray by following the steps mentioned below:

Dell Printer Paper tray-How To Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Take out the paper tray of your Dell printer
  • Remove any loose paper from the tray if witnessed any
  • Hit on the Resume button on the printer 
  • Withdraw the stuck paper one at a time
  • Examine if there are any bits of papers

Solution No. 2 – Clear the paper feed rollers:

The paper feed rollers are responsible for getting an optimum print. Ensuring that these rollers re in good condition is also vital. To do so, yo follow the following links:
Firstly turn off the printer

Clear Paper Roller-How To Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam Error
  • Take out the power cable of the printer
  • Reach out for the input tray and open it
  • Look for the grey paper rollers and clean them with a soft and dry cloth to remove the dirt
  • Make sure not to clean with a wet cloth and the rollers are dry
  • Reconnect the wire by rewiring 
  • Print to check 

Solution No.3 – Reset the printer: 

Sometimes we focus on challenging solutions rather than simpler ones. While reconnecting the printer might sound a promising solution but its worth the shot. To do so, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below to make sure your dell printer paper jam error is resolved. 

  • First, turn the printer ON.
  • Now remove the cable from the printer 
  • Disconnect the cable from the socket 
  • Wait for a while 
  • Now plug back the cable to the printer
  • Reconnect the cable to the socket 
  • And now, turn the printer ON
  • Print to check if the problem is resolved

Solution No.4 – Clean the printer roller:

The printer roller plays a vital role in the printing task and the clapped down condition of the printer roller can be the cause of your dell printer paper jam error. Cleaning the printer roller by following the steps mentioned may resolve the error:

  • Firstly, take out all the papers from the tray
  • Press the down arrow button
  • Choose settings
  • Now tap “ok”
  • Now select tools 
  • Press ok 
  • Now select “clean paper feed” 
  • Press ok
  • Make sure that the printer stops completely before you start using it

Solution No.5 – Check if the printer carriage is moving  freely

It has been witnessed that the printer carriage does not move freely due to over-loaded papers. It is essential that you keep a check on it too.

  • Disconnect the printer by unplugging the power cord from the power socket.
  • Carefully observe the carriage and see if it moves fully to the right side of the printer and goes out of sight.
  • Do not force the carriage to move. If it’s stuck, make sure to free it or else this may damage your Dell printer.
  • Now, remove the ink cartridge carefully.

Solution No. 6-Replace the two-sided accessory

  • Remove any paper in the loading tray but make sure you do not remove the drawer
  • Remove the two-sided printing accessory or the rear access door.
  • With your fingers, gently rotate the rollers toward the top of the printer for three full rotations.
  • Replace the two-sided printing accessory
  • Replace the ink cartridges.
  • Plugin the cable
  • Turn on your Dell printer.

Note: the aforementioned list of solutions is not exhaustive.

There are chances that the aforementioned solutions do not work for you, in such case you will have to contact our printer repair services professionals expert and get your printer fixed. 

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