Wondering how to fix a paper jam in a Samsung printer?

All the printers available in the market are different but the issues faced with them may be similar. The Samsung printers available in the market may also face the issue of a paper jam when there is no paper in the printer. 

Every issue has its own reason and solutions too. The Samsung printer facing the issue of paper jam is not a big deal. This article will help you overcome this issue by providing multiple solutions.

Follow Below Steps To Fix Samsung Printer Paper Jam Problem

Samsung printer says “paper jam” but there is none? Don’t panic and try these solutions:

Solution No. 1Choose the correct sheet size:

Correct sheet size- How to fix a paper jam in a Samsung printer

The printer sheets to be used in a printer is always mentioned before buying by the salesperson or alongside if bought online. You should always see if the printer paper used in the printer matches the requirement. 

Open the printer tray

  • Take out one paper from the paper tray
  • Now look for the manual that came along with the printer
  • See the paper of sheet size mentioned
  • Verify if the sheet used in your Samsung printer matches to what mentioned 
  • If the sheet size is not the same as required, then the issue will continue 
  • To get rid of this issue you will have to change the sheets and insert the required type

Solution No. 2Clean the paper tray:

Clean the paper tray- Samsung printer says paper jam but there is none

When we are too busy with the workload, we tend to forget the condition of our machinery. Just like that, the paper tray suffers the most when the load of work is heavy. The cluttered paper tray will never work properly hence, resulting in the slow down of work. Make sure that the printer tray is clean:

  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power switch “ON”
  • Now, detach the power cable from the printer
  • Open for the input tray 
  • Pull out the input tray and stop the error of paper jam in your Samsung printer
  • Check the tray carefully and make sure there is no paper pieces in the tray
  • If there is any bit of paper make sure to remove it
  • Now connect the printer as normal
  • Print to check if it works properly

Solution No. 3-Clean the printer roller

Clean the printer roller- Samsung printer scx 4521f paper jam 2 error

The printer rollers are the most ignored parts of the printer but plays a vital role. We often check the paper tray and take it as a priority but it is important that these rollers are cleaned too. For efficient printing without wasting any time or paper, you must clean the rollers. 

  • Clear the paper tray of your Samsung printer by taking out all the sheet from the printer
  • Press the down arrow 
  • Choose settings
  • Now press “Ok”
  • Make a selection on “Clean paper feed”
  • Press “Ok”
  • The printer should stop entirely
  • Do not start the work before the printer stops

Solution No. 4Reset the printer:

Another basic yet essential requirement of any device is the setup. If the set up is not done properly, it will continue to provide such errors. To fix this problem you can go through the following steps and reset the printer.

  • Turn on the printer 
  • Remove the cable of power from the printer
  • Now disconnect the cable from the socket too
  • Wait for a minute or for a while
  • Plug back the wire now into the socket
  • Reconnect the printer with the cable
  • Turn on the Samsung printer again now 
  • Check if the problem is solved

At times, it has been witnessed that the aforementioned steps do not help the user. This might be because this list of solutions is not exhaustive. A trained technician is well-versed with the solutions to such issues and can help you know the root cause of this issue. You can hire printerrepairnear.com professional printer repair trained technician and solve your issue.

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