Making your file get in print form is not a big deal. But workload often causes issues in the printer. You will either get a pop-up message at the corner of your desktop saying “Your printer is offline”.

In hassle, a lot of searches and figure out methods to make simple installation of the driver through many methods. But having a lack of knowledge on your printer would make you stuck.

Here are a few simple methods in 5 different ways that help you to tackle your printer showing offline windows 10.

Method – 1

Check Printer connection

The printer connection often creates a problem if it is not connected to a wired or wireless device properly. A loose connection would make your printer offline windows 10.

  • Check your printer and shut it down and restart again.
  • If your printer is connected via USB then make sure it is connected well and not at the loose end. Check on your connected router and make sure it is not offline mode.
  • Your printer having a wireless connection would require you to check on your Wi-Fi connection. The blink of the green light indicates the status of the Wi-Fi connection.

*Printer offline connection could be the reason for the loose connection of wireless and wired devices. Re-check again on the connection and make sure it’s ports are well attached.

Method – 2

Update Printer Drivers File

There are two ways to make an update on the drivers of your windows 10.

  • Manual Update

 The manual update can be made through search URLs. You can choose the driver for the variant of your windows 10 and the update will proceed.

  • Automatic Update

In case you are not aware of the systematic process for updating drivers on windows you can choose the automatic option which makes or update the process automatically.

All you need to do is to just simply download the Drive Easy and rest would automatically be updated on your windows.

  • Run Drive Easy
  • Select scan now

This will automatically scan all your files. You can later choose to update drivers for offline printer windows 10 or simply click on update all to get the updating done for your printer showing offline windows 10.

*Later check with the printer status of offline or online mode

Method – 3

ReSetting the Print spooler

You can opt to take the option of updating the spooler by simply making your printer start in online mode.

  • Simply click on the windows tab with R and will get msc.service.
Services-msc (1)
  • Double click on spooler and your display for the option will appear.
  • Click on the Auto option and make sure the spooler windows in the running mode.
  • Click on the stop button and then click on start; in order to get offline printer windows 10 restart.
  • Click on applies later and then ok.

You’re updating for offline printer windows 10 would take place immediately; check it by restarting your printer and see if the light is blinking for the online mode.

Your printer is still not able to be in online status then follow instructions for “Add the second Printer”.

Method – 4 

Adding a second Printer

Auto updated printer settings make sure that your printer is updated without notifying you. You can find the device and driver option in the windows settings itself.

  • Click on the printer and select for offline mode
  •  Later restart it again.
  • Select windows button along with 1.
  • You will get multiple options; be sure to choose the driver
  • Select on Printer and Driver
  • Right-click the green ticked option
  • Select see what’s printing
  • In case of having a grey option; right click on it
  • Select set as default
  • Later select see what’s printing

Select the printer and see the ticks for pause printing and update printer. If they are selected then remove the ticks.

Your updating for the printer would take place. You can check your printer by switching it off and then making it switch on again

Method – 5

Reinstalling the Printer Driver

The offline printer windows 10 can be reset in the simplest to complex ways. Try rebooting after following instructions to make it workable.

  • Click windows tab and R.
  • You will get a viewable window for the control panel.
  • Click on Run.
  • Select Printer and Devices from the display window.
  • Now choose the option of “remove printers” by right-clicking on the printer icon.
  • Switch to ports and select your port type.
  • In the display, the window chooses standard TCP/IP port from the list of Add Port.
  • Add TCP/IP port on the wizard list and click next.
  • Now add the IP address and port name in the display TCP/IP port window.

You can get the address of your IP address written on the device itself or can find it in the manual which is a complimentary booklet for your device.

  • Make sure that standard TCP/IP port is added and choose to click Finish.

You can check the printer status and in case still not working then try to restart the printer.

Method – 6

Using VPN on connected printer

The Printer can go offline if you use a VPN network for Internet access. You can make your printer shut by making use of basic steps.

  • Disconnect your printer
  • Switch off VPN based Internet connection
  • Try connecting later your printer directly with a USB cable

The separate connection for your printer through USB will make its function in an offline mode. Make sure that you switch off the internet connection align with VPN.

In case you aren’t able to get printer in online status then try making a change in the configuration settings of your VPN connection.

For detailed information on How to change your VPN connection; you can find sequence steps to follow and be sure on the change of configuration for your VPN connection.

An offline printer becomes the reason for work distress and having no detailed knowledge on technical backdrop for such an issue will make your printer always giving assure faults.

A simple follow of the top-updated methods would make you get your printer in workable condition with online status. Be sure on the IP address and VPN settings for drive while making update on the settings for printer offline windows 10.

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