If you don’t know what to if the HP printer says “Paper Jam” but There is no Paper, keep scrolling for the solution. 

In case you are constantly receiving a message of “Paper jam“ on your screen but there is no paper in the paper tray, then you don’t need to panic. This error occurs in most of the printers but when it comes to the HP printers, this problem may arise on a regular interval. However, if this issue is not resolved on time then it may it can hamper the system as well as the printer. This problem may occur even after cleaning the printer tray properly. Although it can be quite challenging for the user to get rid of this issue because of which they should contact a professional if none of the below-mentioned solutions don’t work. There is more than one solution to this problem and you can try each and every one of it. 

Steps To Solve Paper Jam Error in HP Printers

Solution No. 1: Clear the paper tray:

Hp Printer Paper tray-How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer
  • Press the power switch to turn on the printer
  • Detach the power cable of the printer
  • Look for the input tray now
  • To eliminate the paper jam, pull out the input tray
  • Check the tray thoroughly and see if there is any paper
  • If there is any piece of paper, remove it
  • Now connect the printer to the cable and use as usual 

Solution No. 2: Clear jammed tray if the printer says “ HP paper jam error” but no paper jam is there:

  • Detach the cable of the printer
  • Turn the printer off
  • Take the paper tray out
  • Remove the stuck paper 
  • Place it back properly 
  • Now print as usual

Solution No. 3: Clean the paper feed rollers for the Hp printer paper jam but no paper is there in the tray:

Clear Paper Roller-How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer
  •  Turn off the printer and remove the power cable 
  • Open the input tray
  • Remove the grey paper roller and take out
  • Clean the paper roller with a soft cloth to remove the dirt
  • Pat dry the rollers before placement
  • Rewire the printer
  • Connect the printer back 
  • Now print as usual 

Solution No. 4 : Reset Your HP Printer:

Remove the power cable of the printer-How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer
  • Turn on the printer 
  • Remove the power cable of the printer
  • Now disconnect the cable 
  • Wait for a while 
  • Plug bag the wire now into the socket
  • Reconnect the printer with the wire cord
  • Turn on the printer again
  • Check if the problem is solved

Solution No. 5: Clean the Printer Roller:

Clean the printer roller-How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer
  • Clear the paper tray by removing all the papers from the printer
  • Press the down arrow to choose settings
  • Now press “Ok”
  • Select “Clean paper feed”
  • Press “Ok”
  • Make sure the printer stops entirely before continuing the work 

If your printer does not show any changes after performing these steps, you may have to change the printer or get it repaired. It is advisable to contact Printer Repair expert near you to take care of your machine. Printerrepairnearme.com has a professional staff that is trained to handle any issue faced with the printers.

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