How To Fix 0x61011bed Printer Error


In case you are witnessing the 0x61011bed error then you can get the easy and quick solutions here. As we all know that the printers have become the office staples these days due to the increasing work pressure and demand at rocket speed. Apart from the professional demand, the personal use of the printer has also risen up. 

The solutions mentioned below are quick and easy which can be performed by most of the people. It does not require any professional assistance. To get rid of the 0x61011bed error, stick to the following steps of the solutions mentioned below:

Solution No. 1 – Use authentic ink cartridge to get rid of the HP printer code 0x61011bed

Authentic ink cartridge- 0x61011bed printer error
  • Firstly, it is very important that the printer you are using has a Genuine cartridge. In case you are using an HP printer then it is important that you use genuine HP printer cartridge. 
  • In case you do not have a genuine cartridge it is high time that you change it as this minor reason can be the reason behind such major issues caused. 

Solution No. 2 – Try resetting the printer for 0x61011bed :

  • Before starting, make sure that the printer is ON
  • Once the printer is ON, make sure you wait for a while till the printer is not silent and idle 
  • Make sure to unplug the power cord from the back of the printer while it is still ON
  • After that, disconnect the power cord from the socket
  • Wait for a while after this 
  • You may now connect the power cord to the socket directly before moving further
  • Now that you have connected the power cord to the socket, make sure to connect it to the printer as well
  • Once you have connected the power cord to the printer as well as the socket, just turn on the printer to move further
  • Wait for sometime before you begin with the print job 
  • Make sure that the printer is silent and idle before you move ahead

Solution No. 3 – Remove the ink cartridge:

Remove the ink cartridge- Hp printer code 0x61011bed
  • Firstly you will have to open the access door of the ink cartridge
  • Wait for a while unless the cartridge is silent and idle
  • To release the ink cartridge you will have to push it in on the front of the cartridge
  • After this, just take out the ink cartridge carefully to remove it
  • You can repeat the steps mentioned above in the case of the other cartridges as well
  • After that, you will have to close the door of the ink cartridge 
  • Once you are done with the aforementioned steps you can now check for the error message on the control panel itself

In case there is an error message on the screen that says “Ink System Failure” then you will have to update the printer firmware.

And in case the message has been revolved to “Replace the KYMC Cartridge then you must go to the solution mentioned below:

Solution No. 4 – Try to clean the ink cartridge 

Try to clean the ink cartridge- 0x61011bed printer error
  • Make sure that the ink cartridges are not clogged.  Clean the ink cartridge carefully
  • To begin with the cleaning process you must have the required things. 
  • Collect these to have a proper cleaning process; a lint-free cloth, bottled or distilled water and some cotton swab. 
  • Start by dampening the lint-free cloth with the help of bottled water 
  • Now you must carefully wipe the copper colour contacts on the ink cartridge
  • After doing so, make sure to clean the copper colour contact with a dry cloth as well. The cloth must be lint-free for this too.
  • Now you may use the steps mentioned above again to clean the rest of the cartridges as well 
  • After cleaning the cartridges you must reinsert the cartridges in the slot 
  • Make sure it clicks 
  • While you are inserting the cartridge you must keep in mind that the labelled dots are matching the coloured dots 
  • This way you will be able to make out if you are doing the process correctly 
  • At the end just close the access door to pack the entire process
  • Once you have performed the aforementioned steps you should keep a check if the error still exists 
  • In case there are still error messages on the screen, you must try to reinsert the cartridge again

Please keep in mind that the aforementioned solutions are not exhaustive but are effective. These solutions mentioned above are not just quick but also easy. In case you were not able to resolve the issue faced then it is high time that you get in touch with an experienced professional. The technicians are well-versed with such situations and know the best solutions to such errors. If you do not know any professional then getting in touch with Printer Repair Near Me can prove to be the best decision. The services provided by printer repair near me are acclaimed to be very effective and efficient. The technician will visit your place and fix the issue, which is a win-win situation for the customers as everything will be done in the sight of them. 

The policy of 100% money-back guarantee is a cherry on top in case the customer is dissatisfied. 

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