Laser Printer Paper Curling


Is your printer curling pages? The error seems minor but can hold up a lot of work. We all are aware of the necessity of printers in today’s world. When we are totally depended on these devices for documentation of vital documents. It does not matter how far we keep a record of the soft copies of the documents, the prints or hard copies are required at a lot of places. The article below will help you get the solutions if the laser printer paper curling issue is faced. 

As we all know, that any device or machinery can face some issues or errors with time or even if mishandled. Though there can be various reasons behind this minor error but can be fixed with a snap. 

There is a fix to most the issues faced, so does this one. 

What do in case my printer shows “laser printer paper curling” error?

As mentioned above, the cause of this error is multiple but so is the solution. The solutions mentioned below can be performed by anyone and do not require any professional assistance. 

Solution No. 1 – Store the printing papers properly:

  • Check the papers which you are using
  • In case they are not in good condition try to replace them
  • It is important to store papers in a dry environment
  • Do not place them outside until required to use
  • Make sure that the papers are not curled beforehand of printing
  • If this does not help, try the next solution

Solution No. 2 – Keep a check on Fuser Rollers:

  • In case your paper is just fine then you need to keep a check on the fuser rollers 
  • Generally, the condition of the fuser rollers degrade over time 
  • It is vital to keep a check on them since they might create the issue of paper curls 
  • Grab the manual which you must have received along with the printer
  • Now look for instructions to change the settings 
  • Once you have set the fuser rollers accordingly, you need to check if the error still persists
  • In case the error still exists you need to get in touch with a professional and get the rollers replaced or fixed 

Solution No. 3 – Try to change the path:

  • At times a particular path of the printer will cause  the error
  • It is advised to change the path to fix the error
  • You can do so by printing in the different output bin
  • Make sure you try to print all possible ways
  • Print on the side, rear or top bin so that number of times a paper goes over a roller minimizes
  • Check if the error is fixed or you may give shot to the next solution

Solution No. 4 – Check the paper in the paper tray:

  • At times when you do not use the printer quite often, the chances of the paper left in the printer tray becoming substandard increases
  • Firstly, take out the printer paper tray 
  • Now remove all the papers
  • Stack them by aligning them at 180 degrees
  • You may also fan them before placing them in the tray
  • Print to check if the error is fixed
  • Go to the next solution in case the error is not resolved

Solution No. 5 – Make sure that the paper used is matching to the paper settings:

  • In case you have not noticed, the paper should clash with the settings of the paper mentioned to be used on the printer
  • In case your paper is bigger, thicker or broader than the idol paper mentioned on the printer, you will have to switch them. 
  • The paper needs to fit in the tray to eliminate such errors 

Solution No. 6 – Change the brand:

  • In case you have performed all the steps mentioned above and still did not find a solution to the issue then the chances are that the paper brand used by you is not efficient 
  • You may look for another brand of paper online or buy them offline and see what fits best for your printer
  • Once you have changed the brand of the paper, you should try printing to see whether the issue is resolved 

In case the aforementioned solutions were not a help to you, then the chances are that the reason behind this issue is major. You don’t have to panic, as you can get rid of this problem by connecting to a professional technician who can fix your printer. 

You must be wondering, from where should you get in touch with a professional. You can shift this responsibility on the shoulders of as we have a team of experts who are well-versed with such issues. Our printer repair professionals will visit your place and provide the service on your doorsteps. And in case, you are not satisfied with the service provided, you will get the guarantee of 100% money back.

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