Just in case you are wondering how to change ink on Canon Pixma, then you are on the right page. Here you will find a user-friendly and quick fix to this issue. Although the Canon printers are known for smooth functioning and have been acclaimed by most of the users in the market, such errors are reported commonly. As we all know every device we use these days can have such errors because of many concerns. 

Go through the solution mentioned below for Canon MG3620 ink replacement and get the fix in a snap.

Solution for Canon MG3620 Ink Replacement:

  • Firstly turn on the Canon printer that you are using
  • Now you can open the cover which is on the front
  • This will also open the paper output tray
Turn on- Canon mg3620 ink replacement
  • In case there is any paper in the cassette then you have to remove it 
  • Now, open the cover of the output tray 
  • You will observe that there is a fine cartridge holder. Once you spot it, make sure you do not hold it forcibly to stop as it fragile and also vital 
  • Let it stop completely 
  • In case the inside of the cartridge is stained with ink then you should wear gloves and use a tissue to clean it otherwise this may raise some other issue in the long-run
  • You have to make sure that you do not come in contact with the metallic parts inside the machine. Do not touch them
  • If the alarm is buzzing, it means that the paper output cover has been left open for more than 10 times. 
  • Now just press the empty cartridge. While you are pushing the empty fine cartridge, make sure it clicks. You will hear the clicking sound twice 
Cartridge- How to change ink on canon pixma
  • In case you want that the alarm does not goes off even if the fine cartridge is detached then you will have to set to be silent. To do so, go to Sound Control of Dev. user settings and set it as silent
  • Now just detach the fine cartridge
  • Once you remove the fine cartridge, make sure you handle it carefully and remove the protecting tape carefully which is behind the cartridge
Remove the cartridge- How to change ink in canon pixma printer
  • After removing the protective tape, you are advised to dispose of it as per the laws of disposable consumables
Protective tape- How to change ink on canon pixma
  • Do not retape the detached protective tape again
  • Now you will have to load a new fine cartridge.
Insert cartridge- Canon printer how to change ink
  • While you are inserting the new cartridge make sure it is in a slanting position in the fine cartridge holder 
  • Keep in mind to install the colour fine cartridge in the left-hand side and the black fine cartridge in the right-hand side 
  • You have to now push the fine cartridge in. while doing so make sure that it snaps which will let you know that it has been inserted properly 
  • After you have inserted the fine cartridge inside, you can now close the paper output cover
Canon change ink
  • In case you are prompted with any pop message, take the appropriate action at that moment

Although the solution mentioned above for Canon MG3620 ink replacement is not exhaustive but is efficient and effective. But in any case, if the solutions mentioned above did not help you are required to get in touch with an expert professional who can help you get rid of the issue. The experienced technicians at Printerrepairnearme.com are professionals at their service. 

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