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Canon MG3222 WiFi setup can be very tricky for those who have not done it before. This is why we have brought this very useful guide for you that discusses steps for easy and efficient Canon MG3222 WiFi setup. 

Note: Before performing the steps, remember that the configuration is acceptable for the system and router. 

How To Do Canon MG3222 WiFi Setup?

The below-mentioned solution is very effective for Canon MG3222 wireless setup. 

  • Firstly turn ON the Canon printer you are using
  • Now that your printer is ON and the LED is also ON, you will have to select the maintenance button 
  • The maintenance button is on the printer which has to be held for a while or 5 seconds minimum
  • After this LED has to flash from bottom to mid them mid to top. 
  • After the LED flashes you will have to press the WPS (Wifi protected setup) 
  • The WPS button is on the access point. Make sure you press the button within 2 minutes of the LED flashing
Turn On- Canon mg3222 wifi setup
  • Finding any difficulty with the WPS button then it is advisable to refer the access point manual 
  • LED will light up for 3 seconds, once the connection has been made. 
  • After it lights up for 3 seconds it will turn into 1 
  • While you are observing all about the LED light you need to make sure that the blue wifi lamp is lit too.
  • If their letter E displayed, then press the black button which will eliminate the error.
  • This will dismiss the error and you will have to repeat the steps prior to this
  • If there is Error E, 2, 1, you will have to turn off the access point if already ON, and switch it back ON. Generally, this problem occurs when the wireless connection setup was not completed within 2 minutes.
  • In the case of Error E, 2, 3, you should wait for some time and execute the WPS settings once more. Please make sure that you press the access point button. Generally, this error occurs where there is more than one access point.

Network Settings For Canon MG3222 Wireless Printer Setup

After following the above steps, you have to confirm that the printer has been connected to your wireless network. Just to verify that it is done, you can also print the network settings of the printer you are using:

  • Firstly, turn ON the printer you are using
  • Load the printer paper tray with the optimum papers
  • Now you may press the button of wifi 
Turn On Wifi- Canon mg3222 wireless setup
  • Once the lamp of wifi flashes you may release it
  • Hold on the color button
  • Hold on the wifi button again 
  • Hold on the color button again

Advantages of Setting Up Canon MG3222 Wireless Printer

There are many benefits of setting up a Canon MG3222 WiFi printer. Some of them have been listed  below: 

  1. Canon MG3222 printer will be able to copy, scan, and print.
  2. The printer can also connect with the Pixma Google cloud print.
  3. It will have an Auto Duplex feature.
  4. You will get mobile printing and Apple Air print support as well.
  5. You will have a print command with XL ink.

The aforementioned guide to the Canon MG3222 WiFi setup is the simplest of all you can find. If you still have any doubts regarding the Canon MG3222 Wifi setup, feel free to contact us anytime for help. PrinterRepairNearMe provides assistance on problems such as Canon Printer Paper Jam, Canon printer offline, Canon printer not responding as well. 

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Thank you Printer Repair Near Me, for solving my Canon mg3222 WiFi setup issue. For obtaining the solution I was tried hard but always fails to overcome the issue. The solutions are mild and effective.

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Hello guys, I am here for sharing my experience. I bought a Canon Printer but encountering issues while setting the wifi function of the printer. When I searched, I landed on, this page has detailed information and can be implemented quite efficiently. For canon mg3222 wifi setup, always prefer the Printer repair near me website. By following the mentioned step, I completed the setup process pretty smoothly. If you have any issues related to printer, you will get brief information and solution on this page.

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I recently bought a canon mg3222 wifi and wanted to set it up as soon as possible. So, I searched over the internet for the Canon mg3222 wifi setup guide and landed on this page. I was able to set up my canon wifi with ease by following all the steps mentioned here. The setup guide was really helpful for me. The setup is divided into different steps that are really easy for anyone to understand and do it all alone. Great website, keep up this work.