Despite being the best printing devices company in the world, People often get stuck with various error messages and problems with the Canon printers. The most common issues that have been reported by the users are ‘Canon printer not responding’ and ‘Canon printer paper jam’. If you are also one of them and continue getting the pop error message saying “Canon printer not responding” then there is nothing to panic. This issue may occur due to numerous reasons and causes. Below are the general reasons:

  • When the user forgets to plug-in the power cable
  • False setting on the system while installation procedure of printer device
  • Mechanical glitches inside the Canon printer device
  • When the printer located on the network is inappropriately connected.

There can be several reasons and similarly, several solutions are there as well. To know how to get a hold of this issue and know the root cause of your Canon printer not responding, continue with this life-saving article.

Solutions For Canon Printer Not Responding

Solution No. 1

In the case of Canon wireless printer not responding

At times when the printer is connected to the system wirelessly, chances are that the printer may not respond due to a communication problem. To diagnose this issue, make sure to stick to these steps:

  • Press the Setup button of your Canon printer
  • Now, go to the “Wireless LAN” setup and press “OK”
Wireless LAN-Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Select “Easy Setup” and press “OK” again 
Easy Setup-Why Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Go for the Access point
Access point-Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Next, enter the WiFi password and press “OK”
WiFi-password-Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Insert the Setup disk in the computer

Solution No. 2

Turn the Network Discovery ON

Most of the time, the Canon printer is not responding because of the network issue it has been facing. To gid rid of this issue, keep a check on the network as it is the network that enables the system to see other devices connected to it.

  • Select the Start button on the extreme left bottom of your screen 
  • Now click on the Control Panel
Control-Panel-Canon-Printer-Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Select the Network and Internet
Network-And-Internet-Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Now select “Network and Sharing Centre”
  • After that choose “Advanced Sharing settings”
  • In case the Network Discovery is turned OFF, click on the radio button to turn the Network discovery ON. 
Turn-On-OFF-Network-Discovery-Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding

Solution No. 3

Keep a check on the Printer Spooler Service

The print spooler service is responsible for managing all the print jobs that are sent to the printer of the computer. If the service is disabled, the printer will not receive the commands and will not work eventually. Though the printer service is visible to the users and the print job lined up can also be canceled by the user itself to manage the print task. 

  • Click on the Start menu on the screen
  • Type Services in the search box opened
  • Select the Print Spooler option 
  • And then select properties
  • Now enable the print service

Solution No. 4

Disable the third-party firewall or the security suite

An overprotective firewall often generates the issue where the printer stops responding. Though the inbuilt solution is quite unrestrictive but the third-party antivirus suites like McAffee, Avira, AVG, etc are considered to create such problems. So many users say that they have encountered this issue and reported that their antivirus solution ended up blocking the spooler subsystem app which made the wireless connection incurable. 

Solution No. 5

Use the printer troubleshooter:

The troubleshooter of windows is generally known for being unhelpful in such cases but it has helped quite a few people and you never know it can be helpful to be you as well. You need to keep the following steps in head to configure the issue of “Printer not responding”. 

  • Press Windows key + R to open up a Run Box.
  • Type “control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting”
Microsoft-Troubleshooting-Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Press “Enter” to open Windows Troubleshoot.
  • Once the troubleshoot window opens up, scroll down and select “Printer’
  • Now click on “Run the troubleshooter”
  • After this, the troubleshooter will detect the problem and reflect it on the screen
  • If there is any inconsistency found, then you will be asked to follow repair strategies
Run-Printer-Troubleshooter-Why Is My Canon Printer Not Responding
  • Now you just need to restart the computer and see if the issue is resolved. 

Solution No. 6

Change the USB port

If you are receiving a constant message of “Canon printer not responding” on your system then there might be an issue with the USB connected to it. At times, we make such innocent mistakes of not checking these minor facts. It is possible that the USB is completely fine but the port in which it is connected is not working properly. It is advisable to switch the port once. Do the following steps once and see if you get rid of the issue:

  •  open a Run box (Windows key + R)
  • type “devmgmt.msc” 
  • Press “Enter” to open Device Manager.
  • Expand the drop-down menu associated with the Universal Serial Bus controller
  • Find the exclamation points near the icons. 
  • Right-click on the associated entry 
  • choose Uninstall device if you find any occurrence

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The methods mentioned above consist of the most efficient and easier steps that will definitely fix the Canon printer not responding but, in case the aforementioned solutions did not help then you may have to get in touch with the professionals. PrinterRepairNearMe is also assisting with other printer issues like Canon printer offline, Canon mg3222 wifi setup, etc. with the best solutions. Connect with our experts over a chat and fix any kind of errors.