While using a printer, you have to connect it to a network on the system. There are different ways of doing it and the network faced is also depended on the procedure used by you for the connection.

To diagnose the error there are various solutions to it. You can choose whatever is more convenient for you. While connecting it to a network, you have the option of connecting it to a Homegroup, connecting it to an OS and connecting it to an OS and sharing it to the Homegroup at once.  It is completely your choice to choose it accordingly and share the printer on the network.

Different Way To Share Printer On Network

Solution – Connect your printer directly to the printer

Most of the printers come with inbuilt networking. Some of them have the Wifi and some of them have the ability to connect to the ethernet. Nowadays, most of them come with both. You can’t have the facility of knowing all the exact instructions on your screen, for which we are here. You will be able to find the setting for Network in the Setting tool and share printer on the network. 

  • Firstly you will have to to the Control Panel in the Homegroup.
  • Now select on Start 
  • As the dialogue box appears, start typing “homegroup”
  • In case the system you are working on showcases that you are already in the sharing status of the printers then you need to skip that will be mentioned next
  • But in case your system does not say so, you need to click on “Change what you’re sharing with the Homegroup” link
  • Now that you have done this, you will have to select the “Printers and Drivers” option
  • After doing so, make a selection on “Shared”. Go for “Next” and then shut the Homegroup options to move ahead
  • There are chances that the Homegroup exists already for the OS. but at times the printer that is connected is not the member which creates such an issue. 
  • Just make a selection on “Join Now” and go for “Next” then
  • While you are setting the sharing option, make sure to set the “Printers and devices” to “Shared” 
  • Go to “Next” now
  • Now just type the Homegroup password and click on “next”
  • In case you do not remember the password, you just have to select another OS that is connected to the Network. Keep in mind that it should also be a member of the network.
  • Now you have to open the Homegroup control panel app
  • In case you are trying to connect from another OS and it is signed in by using the exact Microsoft Account as the member of the homegroup, then you will not be interrupted to give a password. This is in the case of Windows 8 and Windows 10. 
  • Once you arrive on the final screen, you will have to select “Finish” and connect the OS network to the printer
  • After doing all this, there will be no Homegroup and you can create one by simply choosing “Create a Homegroup”
  • Once you are on the desired PC, you can select the desired folders and libraries as well you are willing to share. 
  • To do so, you just have to select “Shared” and then go for “Printers and Devices”
  • Select on “Next” once you have made the desired selections
  • After doing so, the password for the other OS will appear on the final screen
  • Make sure to note it down and click on the “Finish” option
  • Now that you are done with the aforementioned instructions, you can go to the network of other Os and connect the printer to the network

The solution mentioned above is not exhaustive and has various alternatives. But, the one mentioned above is the most effective and efficient one. In case you were not able to get rid of the issue, you will have to connect to a professional. The experts that are available at the Printerrepairnearme.com are known for effortless service at doorsteps. The professional technician will provide the best printer repair services and get rid of this error.

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